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Private sessions with psychologists and digital content are all easily accessible through one platform.

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Is it really worth investing in your team's mental health?

In short: yes.

“I have seen lots of patients coming to our clinic with symptoms of burnout every year. is the leading provider on the market to prevent burnout by offering employees proactive and evidence based support. Thus employees work on their stressors early on, before they pile up.”

Dr. Simon Senner
Chief Psychiatrist, Technical University Munich

The tools for mental wellness, anytime, anywhere offers mental well-being support for your entire workforce. Our counselors, coaches, and digital content are easily accessible on one platform.

Mental wellness that meets the needs of your employees

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with offers mental well-being support for your entire workforce. Our experienced psychologists and digital contents are easily accessible in one platform.

We’re the mental well-being support for your entire workforce


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Reduce sick leave
In 2020, mental health problems were the most common reason for sick leave. Support the mental health of your team and reduce sick days.


Promote resilience and support productivity
Stress and psychological strain reduce productivity. Help your employees feel resilient and strong with preventative care.


Find and retain talent
Showing your employees that you care about their mental health will strengthen your employer brand and help you retain valuable talent.


Improve employee satisfaction
Above all, with you show that team culture and employee happiness is at the center of your organization.

How it works

Content journeys & meditations

Quick access to mental health support



All sessions are highly confidential

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time to roll out to provide support to all employees


higher employee uptake than tradicional EAPs


average user satisfaction rating


time to match with the right psychologist

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Nana, VP People and Organisation @ Vimcar

"Dealing with the mental health of your employees is no longer a 'nice to have', it is an absolute necessity. At Vimcar, we care deeply about the well-being of our employees and want to give them the support they need. does exactly that."

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Employees can work proactively and preventatively on their mental well-being by using interactive, evidence-based courses, mindfulness exercises and meditations. Whether dealing with stress, improving sleep, or managing anxiety, there's support available for anything life throws at us. 

Self-Guided development

Private video sessions with experienced psychologists provide space for compassionate and effective psychological support. Our psychologists are selected according to the employee's individual needs and preferences. Whether private or work-related, no subject is off the table. 

1on1 sessions



Learn from experienced psychologists, coaches and trainers

Attending roundtables can help employees learn more about specific mental health topics and how to put insights into action, at work or in private life. Sometimes it just really helps to know that we're not alone.

Learn how your team is thriving and what keeps them up at night. We give regular insights on what topics are relevant for your team, usage and activation rates as well as changes in the well-being of your workforce - aggregated and anonymous to keep confidentiality.


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