On average, 30% of our lives are spent working – and on average, 30% of the population in Germany is impacted by mental health challenges. These identical numbers may be purely coincidental, nevertheless it’s become increasingly clear in recent years that the intersection between work and mental health is a critical topic. Unfortunately, for many managers, it’s also a topic laden with uncertainty: 

How do they find the right balance between supporting teams’ wellbeing and challenging them to embrace the discomfort necessary for personal and professional growth? Where are the healthy boundaries between personal connection and professional collaboration? What are the signs a team member is struggling and needs help? How can they be optimally supported? Managers are rarely trained for these kinds of challenges.

Conceived as a “mental health first aid” course for managers, this workshop will offer tips and step-by-step guidance on:

  • recognizing when a team member is struggling with their mental health

  • engaging in empathic dialogue with them

  • providing support while maintaining the leadership role


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A psychologist with extensive experience working in business contexts, Sandra is deeply familiar with the demands of the VUCA-world. Combining this knowledge with her skills as a mental health coach, she empowers her clients to gain perspective on their challenges and – rather than focusing on problems – identify solutions and resources that are already available.

Sandra’s clients include:   

  • Continental Automotive GmbH

  • Infineon Technologies

  • Bayernwerk AG

  • SpeedSys GmbH

  • SEN Solare Energiesysteme Nord Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

  • Econocom Deutschland GmbH

About Sandra

Psychological First Aid - How managers can support struggling employees.

with Dr. Sandra Reitmeier

nilo.health Expert - Psychologist, Coach, Trainer & Consultant 

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