Your teams are responsible and essential for making your company reach its full potential. So with this in mind, we ask: "just how essential are company benefits when it comes to helping your company thrive?"
The answer? Extremely important.

In this webinar, our co-founder Jonas Keil will discuss this with Julia Carloff-Winkelmann, Chief People Officer at Dance.

They'll give an overview of the trend towards sustainable employee benefits which have an actual impact:

  • The shift of introduced benefits that can be observed in modern companies - what benefits are loved by employees and why? 

  • Why do impactful employee benefits matter? Especially in uncertain economic times like these

  • What value do health benefits have for both employees and employers?
    Strategies for implementing the right employee benefit(s)

We’re the mental well-being support for your entire workforce


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Julia Carloff-Winkelmann is Chief People Officer at Dance, a premium e-mobility subscription service based in Berlin founded in 2020. The company’s mission is to create more livable cities centered around communities of people, not traffic. By combining easy-to-use services with a beautifully designed ebike, Dance elevates everyday transportation into a joyful, healthy and sustainable act. The growing company pairs technology with transportation, creating a new way to commute outside of car ownership. Julia leads a people team and B2B team. Previously, Julia served as VP of People & Workplace at SoundCloud and Head of Talent Acquisition at eBay. Beforehand she held leadership roles at Brands4Friends and Julia is also a trained coach and mindfulness trainer.

About Julia

Employee Benefits: Your People are the Backbone of Your Business

with Julia Carloff-Winkelmann

CPO, Dance


28 FEB.

1 PM CET - 45 minutes

and Jonas Keil

Co-Founder & CEO,